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Quick take: Deontay Wilder and a Commitment to Power

Deontay Wilder is maybe one of the most questioned boxers in the sport right now.  His resume is average at best and his boxing prowess has thus far appeared limited.  But what he seemingly lacks in technique, he more than makes up for in raw power.  To put it simply, Deontay Wilder is what happens […]

Canelo Alvarez v.s. Amir Khan – RIP in peace

It’s made all the boxing news this past 24 hours. Amir Khan, whom we love to put on blast at PJB, has accepted a fight against Canelo Alvarez. This comes as a total shocker to the boxing community as Amir has spent the past 3 years waiting on a Manny/Mayweather payday we all knew would […]